2018: Quincy


May 24th– May 25th, 2018 

Boston Marriot Hotel 

Quincy, MA


Call for Session Proposals

The Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors (MAPD) is heading to Quincy–the City of Presidents–for our Annual Conference! While there is no official “conference theme,” the review committee encourages proposals that focus on:

  • Housing production and housing choice;
  • Infrastructure planning and development;
  • Planning for climate change;
  • Successful public / private partnerships for community revitalization;
  • Capitalizing on historical / cultural assets;
  • Hazard mitigation and disaster recovery.

Initial Session Proposals

Initial proposals are due Friday, March 2, 2018 by 5:00 p.m. Proposals should be sent to Jessica Allan, AICP, MAPD Vice-President at

Session proposals shall be submitted in PDF format and no longer than 5 pages in length, with a minimum font size of 11pt. Moderators should plan for sessions to be no longer than 75-90 minutes in length. We welcome any and all idea for workshop proposals. Interactive and non-traditional formats are strongly encouraged!

Include the following information in the session proposals:

  1. Session name: Name of the session to be listed in the conference program. Think catchy and engaging!
  2. Session moderator: Should include name, title, company / organization, and contact information (phone and email).
  3. Panelists: All team members should be confirmed for participation in the session. In order to qualify for CM credits, provide name, company, and contact information (phone and email) for each panelist.
  4. Statement of Intent: Describe the proposed session and how each panelist will contribute to the session. What is the educational purpose or objective of the session? How is this topic relevant to current planning trends? How can this information be used by communities of all sizes across the state?
  5. Format of Session: Please explain the format of the session, such as panel discussion, interactive workshop, mobile workshop, etc.
  6. Anticipated eligibility for CM credits: We encourage all sessions to qualify for CM credits. In 2-3 sentences clearly describe the planning-related educational objective that this training achieves.  

Session proposals will be evaluated by the Conference Committee based on:

  • Proposal completeness;
  • Quality of proposal and educational objective;
  • Diversity, quality and relevant background of presenters;
  • Relevance to current planning trends;
  • Applicability of topic across geographic regions;
  • Creativity of session format;
  • Qualification for CM credit.


NOTE: Moderators will be asked to obtain consent from their panelists as to whether MAPD may make the presentation materials available online after the conference, as we will only make this information available with the consent of each presenter.