Building on decades of tradition, MAPD strives to offer programming that is both timely and relevant to its members. A partial list of prior programming includes:

Community Engagement – public process, community engagement, government/consultant relations, and negotiation.

Economic Development – firm attraction and retention, labor force development, and other aspects.

Historic Preservation – historic preservation and preservation planning.

Housing – housing production, affordable housing, “green” housing, and similar topics. This includes building housing under 40R and 40B.

Infrastructure, including Complete Streets – transportation and utilities financing, complete streets policies, maintenance of public water infrastructure, bicycle infrastructure, and more.

Land Use Regulation – zoning, conservation zoning, form-based codes, zoning reform for economic development, and 40B and 40R.

Legal and Case Law Updates – Massachusetts and Federal land use law, MA legislative updates, and other legal topics of interest.

Renewable Energy Planning and Regulation – development, regulations, and policy.

Sustainability and Climate – climate change adaptation and mitigation, alternative energy development, solid waste recycling, environmental planning, environmental disaster resilience, and ecologically-sustainable comprehensive planning.

Watershed Based Planning – resources related to regional watershed-based planning.